About Us

Centre for Corrections and Human Development (CCHD) is a humanitarian, non-profit, non-sectarian and non-governmental organization dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of quality of life, the re-establishment and development of human personality through counselling, mentoring, coaching, rehabilitation, education and empowerment of deserving but less privileged and/or disoriented persons in Nigeria.

The organization was founded from the compelling encounter of Mrs. Obioma Agoziem, the Executive Director on her routine reach out activity in the neighbourhood so many years ago. On one of such routine visits, she met a group of four girls, she ministered to them, she observe their positive response by their unusual and reflective sobriety. Upon closer enquiry, she discovered that they lived in a particular brothel and are victims of human trafficking, and actually made a living from prostitution. She held series of counselling sessions with them and finally they saw the need to abandon prostitution as a means of livelihood. The resultant challenge foisted on her how to assist the girls to get on with life in a more decent and dignified way. This experience among other sobering and compelling life encounters, brought to birth the Centre for Corrections and Human Development. The organization was formally inaugurated in 31st March 2012.

Centre for Corrections and Human Development was therefore set up to create awareness and sensitization on the dangers of human trafficking, child abuse, violence, drug addiction, unlawful detention, to provide correctional programmes for these individuals with dysfunctional lives a complete re-orientation through counselling, mentoring, life coaching, skill training, empowerment, rehabilitation and sustainable re-integration into the society. We provide advocacy through our team of legal practitioners for individuals particularly those erroneously detained who do not have funds to ask for justice. We also canvass for policy implementation and regulation procedures on international agreement on UN protocol to prevent, suppress trafficking in persons and related matters. We stand for the entrenchment of good governance. CCHD is therefore, poised to contribute its quota towards the reduction of these social challenges and anomalies.

For our PREVENTION programmes, we run outreaches in schools, market places and among groups, through workshops, sensitizing them on the dangers and implications of human trafficking, exposing them to their tools of operation so that new people will not fall victim. Our INTERVENTION programmes includes creating appropriate channels for identifying these youths, which we termed,DISCOVER, RESCUE and EMPOWER. These four summaries our work. We discover them through our campaigns in brothel, hideouts, prisons and joints. We rescue them through our counselling and training programmes and empower them through educational and skill acquisition programmes. For some other that need rehabilitation will go through our in-house training programme. All these are packaged to equip them and to gainfully re-integrate them into the society.