You are welcome to the Centre for Corrections and Human Development

The Centre for Corrections and Human Development (CCHD) is a humanitarian, non-profit, non-sectarian and non- governmental organization dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of quality of life, the re-establishment and development of human personality through counseling, mentoring, rehabilitation, education and empowerment of deserving but less privileged or disoriented Youths and young persons in Nigeria.

One of the unfortunate fallouts of the economic hardship experienced in the country today is the misdirection of the youths and their unwitting involvement in all sorts of social vices. This is also part of the incidence of the breakdown of the time honoured cultural values of being our brother's keepers. In a bid to meet with the crave for good life, such misguided young persons see little or no need for the acquisition of the appropriate educational and/or vocational training necessary for life support. Instead, due to inadequate mentoring and misguided peer pressure, they find themselves falling prey to the lives of short cuts by engaging in all sorts of vices like prostitution, armed robbery, gangster-rism, kidnapping etc.

Centre for Corrections and Human Development was therefore set up to provides the individuals with dysfunctional orientation, the necessary access to organized corrections, mentoring, re-orientation and sustainable re-integration for economic productivity. CCHD is poised to contribute its quarter towards the reduction of some of these social challenges, through sustained counseling, monitored coaching/mentoring and the provision of reasonable start-up material support.

We focus more attention on the youths and the young persons as they are the hob of a thriving population. They are the most vulnerable and neglected, yet the most vilified.

We provide advocacy through our team of legal Practitioners for individuals particularly those erroneously detained who do not have funds to ask for justice.

At the heart of the above activities is the quest for the redemption of souls. We believe that in a complex and dynamic world we live today in which we are bombarded with too much of negatively alluring products of technology we need to retool our soul-winning mechanism. Hence a non-orthodox massive and embracive programme is fruitful. We are poised to overcome all odds to succeed, to the glory of God and the betterment of our society.