Personality Reconstruction

Our three months prison training programme is kick starting this April.  The whole idea is to help the inmates live a happy life in the prison and prepare them adequately for a better and more fulfilled life after the prison.  The focus of the training is for re-orientation and re-programming of mind set, to have a positive look at life and to become better citizen upon their release.  We are going to expose them to courses like personal transformation, success habits, understanding purpose, becoming an entrepreneur and others.  They shall be introduced to diffrent vocational skills like ph

Protecting our Children from Violence: A task for All

 All over the world, from all socio-economic backgrounds , all cultures, all religions, across all ages, children suffer all kinds of violence, exploitation and abuse every day. So many of these cases are not reported. Yet children have the rights to be protected from all these.Remember, Children have four baskets of rights: * Survival * Development * Participation * ProtectionAs Child Protection Network Surulere gets ready to launch the inaugural workshop for a sensitization and awareness creation programme with the above title, we invite you all to be part of this event.


Our Song in Centre for Corrections and Human DevelopmentYou are here on invitation You have heard and come to see The things you are told of About the people perishing There something that you can do To raise the falling ones Reach out your hands And pull the fallen Your little mercy today can countChorus: If you lend a helping hand Lend a helping hand You can join today To turn someone's life around Lend a helping hand.


We all have inadequacies. There are somethings in your life you wish could be taken away, even the person you so much admire is also battling with some issues. If you can pay a little attention to developing your personality, you sure be on your way out.Human Development is the process of enhancing and grooming ones self. It could be physically, mentally, socially, financially or even spiritually, the ultimate goal is to bring a positive change.


The call for the end violence against women with it's16days of activism started since 25th Nov. It has heralded lots of conferences, seminars, walk and different programmes all over the world.  Here in Nigeria we are not left out, I have received three invitations for one programme or the other apart from the one we are partnering together.


We are in an era of bizarre happenings, a period when a father finds nothing wrong with sleeping with his own daughter, for him it is alright provided she doesn't get pregnant. When a sister takes over her sister's husband and actually struggle for supremacy with the her. You hear of abuse emanating from unlikely persons and unsuspecting areas.With each passing day you hear of one horror or the other, so what should we do as parents, how can we effectively guard our children particularly our girls.

Nigerians are still heavily trafficked

About 2.5million people are being trafficked annually and a larger number of that are Nigerians. According to the Execuive Secretary of NAPTIP, Mrs Jedy-Agba, at least six out of 10 trafficked persons are identified as Nigerians in most countries in Europe.  Most times victims are either afraid to come out and report or they are shy because of stigmatization.  Look around many cities in Nigeria, it will give you the idea of how bad the problem is.

Human Development

We shall be looking at human or personal development today. Centre for Corrections and Human development is basically a centre dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of quality of life. Frankly speaking your life will not have quality if you ignore human development.  Human development is the process of enlarging your freedom and oppoortunities and improving your general well-being. Human development means growth. For any meaningful growth to take place be it physical, financial, spiritual or any type whatsoever, there must be a process of taking in.